Anastacia Sholik


FROM: Ukraine

EXPERTISE: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw
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Girl next door - Wallpaper with Jessica 
Alba Wallpaper with Jessica Alba
This tutorial I'll show you a method to create the wallpapers with a celebrity on them, using two photos and the program's possibilities. We'll see also how is it possible to correct the colors, change the background and use several program's filters.

Ghotic girl gone wild

ghotic girl gone wild drawing Ghotic girl
This lesson we'll have the possibility to learn drawing a girl from the Gothic period, imitate also the lace and use several of the program's filters.

Fantastic Sunset Wallpapers Effects

Fantastic Sunset Wallpapers Fantastic Sunset Wallpapers
This task we'll see how is it possible to represent the vector wallpapers, create your own brushes and use different layers.
fairy tale - rainy day ? photo effects Fairy Tale - Rainy Day
Learn how to combine the objects and people situated on different pictures, create the effect of rainbow and old picture, use the layers, layers' masks and work with the colors and blurring filters.

Wallpaper with glass dragon

designing wallpaper with glass dragon Wallpaper with glass dragon
Next lesson we'll learn to create the wallpapers, having on them a figure of glass dragon and we'll learn one of the methods of creating the rays.

Art Glass Text Effects

stained art glass text effects Art Glass Text Effects
The new lesson we'll learn to represent a glass text.

Plasma Text Effect

Plasma Text Effect Plasma Text Effect
This new lesson we'll see how is it possible to create a wavy text out of burning liquid using also fractal ornaments.

Marine Wallpaper - Special Effects

Designing Marine Wallpaper - Special Effects Marine Wallpaper - Special Effects
This new tutorial we'll have to learn creating a "pictorial background", luminescent ornaments, create an own brush of bubbles shape. We'll see also how to move off the undesirable color from the picture and use the Layer Mask.

Cabaret Effects

Underwater Dance Effects Musical Cabaret
The new lesson we'll try to represent a styli illustration (a poster), dedicate to a certain topic, in this case ? to the musicals. We'll see also how to erase the effect of "red eyes", decolorize only a part of the object and use different.

Underwater Dance Effects

Underwater Dance Effects Underwater Dance Effects
In this tutorial we'll learn to combine different photos, correct the colors, create drifting distorts, move off the unnecessary objects of the pictures, change the coiffure of the model, represent the hand out of the bubbles, use different textures, create the effect of a motioning object and smooth out little the picture.

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