Anastacia Sholik


FROM: Ukraine

EXPERTISE: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw
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Sovereighn lady of Umbrellas in Adobe Photoshop CS Sovereighn Lady of Umbrellas
This task we'll learn to make corrections on a model's figure, change her coiffure, create the wooden shoes, show the reflection in the water and also change the colors of the picture, add the texture and represent the rays.

Sand Story Photo Effect

sand story Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Sand Story
I'll show you how to make a model's coiffure look more lively, to tone the picture and I'll show you also one method of styling the picture and make it look older.

Like in my dream Photo Effect

Like in my dream Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Like in my dream
The next topic I'll show you several methods of marking out the objects, there transforming and also we'll learn to create the effect of printed picture on a sheet of paper and apply different textures.

Elf-Girl Picture

Draw an elf-girl in Adobe Photoshop CS Ho to draw an elf-girl
In this tutorial we'll see how is it possible to represent an elf - girl, giving texture to the textile and picture the ornaments.

Draw an Audi car's sketch

summer rest designing in Adobe Photoshop CS Audi car's sketch
This new tutorial welll learn to draw an Audi car's sketch.

Summer Rest - Design

summer rest designing in Adobe Photoshop CS Summer Rest
The next topic we'll learn to create an illustration picturing the summer rest by imitating the vector.

Wallpaper With Logo

wallpaper with logo in Adobe Photoshop CS Wallpaper With Logo
Learn how is it possible to make the wallpapers by combining several of them. We'l see also how to work with the light, increase the picture's quality and create the effect of a pressed text.

Tinsel Picture

tinsel photo effects in Adobe Photoshop CS Tinsel Picture
Next lesson we'll learn to distort and lengthen the figures, create the effect of "plastic" skin, create a blind of textile's texture. We'll see how to represent the flares, to make the picture look older and to work with the layers and textures.

Old Freak Drawing

drawing ald freak in Adobe Photoshop CS Old Freak Drawing
In this tutorial I'll show you how to represent an old freak (alien).

Magic Book

Yellow Portrait Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Magic Book
Learn how to create lights illusions, imitate stained-glass window, insert organically an object into a certain space and create the effect of having tear borders.

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