Anastacia Sholik


FROM: Ukraine

EXPERTISE: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw
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Yellow Portrait Photo Effect

Yellow Portrait Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Yellow Portrait Photo Effect
You will see one of the unusual method of photo's processing.
Also how to use different textures, work with the layers and change the colors.

Magic Of Violin Photo Effect

magic of violin in Adobe Photoshop CS Magic Of Violin photo effect
In this tutorial we'll learn to create an illusion of voluminous space, correct the object's shape, imitate the body-art and also to create an effect of old picture.

Winter Postcard Design

winter postcard in Adobe Photoshop CS Winter Postcard Design
Design a New Year illustration, having just a picture with green grass and a girl's picture.
We'll see how to use also several filters.

Phoenix Bird Drawing

drawing Phoenix Bird in Adobe Photoshop CS Phoenix Bird Drawing
In this tutorial we will learn how to picture out a fairy-tale bird.

Glamour Model

glamour model picture retouch in Adobe Photoshop CS Glamour Model
This lesson we'll see how to retouch a face's photo and make from a simple picture a very original one.

Mazda Photoshop Rendering

mazda rendering in Adobe Photoshop CS Mazda Photoshop Rendering
The next task we'll see how is it possible to picture a Mazda car, having its photo.

Nature Picture

picture a landscape's etude in Adobe Photoshop CS Picture a landscape's etude
This lesson we'll learn to picture a landscape's etude in black and white colors.

Autumn leaf colors Picture

autumn photo effects in Adobe Photoshop CS Autumn
This task we'll se how it's possible to cut out the fur, without damaging it, correct the colors, move off the skin's flaws, work with the layers and textures and also correct the size and the shape of certain objects.

A tree with rich leafage

draw a tree with rich leafage in Adobe Photoshop CS A tree with rich leafage
This tutorial we will learn how to represent a tree with rich leafage.

Shark Picture

drawing game shark attack in Adobe Photoshop CS Draw a shark floating
In this tutorial we will learn how to Draw and paint a shark swimming in the ocean.

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