Anastacia Sholik


FROM: Ukraine

EXPERTISE: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw
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Drawing Shiny Girl

drawing shiny girl in Adobe Photoshop CS Drawing Shiny Girl
In this tutorial we'll see how to picture an illustration, which contours are introduced in a computer by scanner or digital photo camera or how to give it a luminescent effect.

Girl Photo Manipulation

Girl Photo Manipulation illustration in Adobe Photoshop CS Girl Photo Manipulation
This lesson we'll learn how to make a nice illustration from a simple photo, how to download and use ready brushes and also how to change colors.

From The Inside Photo Effect

FromTheInside Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS From The Inside Photo Effect
This task we'll learn how to change the picture's color, work with the layers, make an original make-up, create the effect of objects' perspectives and volume, imitate the glow-worms and blood drops and also how to work with the filters.

Feather Drawing

Drawing Feather Bed in Adobe Photoshop CS Feather Drawing
In this tutorial we'll study how to picture a feather,
its shadow and how to change its color.

Ballet Dancer Photo Effect

Ballet Dancer Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Ballet Dancer Photo Effect
This lesson will teach you how to make a photo look lighter, change the eyes' color and make the hair longer, use and download ready brushes, picture the clouds, blinds and create the effect of changing textile of each the cloth is made up and also giving to the photos an effect of luminescence.

Fairy Night

Fairy Night Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Fairy Night
In this tutorial we'll learn how to correct the photos' colors, change the eyes color, work with the layers, applying ready brushes and designs, create your own design and to picture the stars.

Princess of Shadows

Princess of Shadows Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Princess of Shadows
We'll study how to distort the shape, picture the make-up and fur, to create the effect of pictured hair, lay out the designs and also to create an interesting background.

Butterfly Photo Editting

Butterfly Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Butterfly Photo Editting
This task we'll learn how to accentuate the front plan and to change the photo's color, add more intensity and put over different textures.

Sunset City Photo Effect

Sunset City Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS Sunset City Photo Effect
Learn how to change the object's color and brightness, change the skin's color, lay over the pictures one above the others, create the tattoo's effect and imitate the butterfly's fly.

Create A-Smoke Photo Effect

Cocaine Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop CS A-Smoke Photo Effect
Change the eyes' color and lips' color, make the colors negative, create a wavy text and a text's mirror reflection, put over the pictures, download and use substandard brushes.

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