Jeka !

Gender: Male
Chisinau, Moldova

About Me

I am a nearly born concept artist and digital painter ( I assure you in our country people don't know anything about it ), there are only few who know what a tablet is.


  • Drawing.
  • Designing. Music.
  • All school Fighting games )) - Mostly Concept designing.

Favorite Movies

  • "American history X", "Oldboy", "Shawshanc redemption".

Favorite Music

  • Anouk.
  • Rage against the machines.
  • and all other GOOD music.

Favorite Books

  • Mio moi MIO.
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 Articles by this Author

Skate Poster

male photo effects Skate Poster.
In this tutorial I will walk you through several techniques. When I'm creating wallpaper or design production I often use these techniques. I will use an application I really like to work with. It is called Alchemy, you can find it on the web if you need. I use alchemy to create shapes and then dropping to Photoshop and my main work area. Moreover I will use a stock photo for this wallpaper so the first step will be the photo work.

Figure Male

male photo effects Figure male photo effects.
Hallo once again and today we are going to create some interesting effects using a photo and wide range of brushes and texture as well. So the first thing we need is a photo. I've chosen this one, I really don't know why, but we have the photo now.

Head blow off effect

Head blow off effect Head blow off effect.
This time we'll create Head blow off effect using several applications like Photoshop and alchemy. Moreover we'll use a Stock photo as a base for our design.

12 Sources of Web Design Inspiration

Chaos Tools 12 Sources of Web Design Inspiration.
Stumped on the design of your next website or blog? Try these sources of web design inspiration.

Chaos Tools

Chaos Tools Chaos Tools.
In this tutorial we are going to create a design wallpaper using Alchemy as our chaos shapes generator and Photoshop for adjustments and coloring. So let's start our tutorial from creating several chaotic shapes in Alchemy.

Orange Effects

Orange Orange.
Hello and this time we'll create extremely fill of glow wallpaper. Out theme for today is - oranges so this is why the base color of our illustration will be orange too. Let's start.

Oracle photo effects

Oracle photo effectsOracle photo effects.
In this tutorial we are going to create a very cool looking Girl wallpaper. In this tutorial we will combine digital painting, some design elements and a photo to create an amazing wallpaper.

Create very shiny summer wallpaper

Create very shiny summer wallpaperCreate very shiny summer wallpaper.
In this tutorial we'll create very shiny summer wallpaper even if it is raining outside right now. So first we'll create some custom brushes. I always do this to think about the forms I'm going to use. So let's begin shall we?

How to create wallpaper based on making of the logo

How to  create wallpaper based on making of the logo How to create wallpaper based on making of the logo.
In this tutorial we will create wallpaper based on making of the logo. This tutorial will show you how the creation of the logo can help you t create the rest of the elements of the corporate style and even a wallpaper.

20 Brilliant WordPress Themes

make a wallpaper20 Brilliant WordPress Themes.
In this post you'll find 20 WordPress Themes you probably haven't seen yet. All themes offer quality, elegance and a user-friendly interface.

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