Jeka !

Gender: Male
Chisinau, Moldova

About Me

I am a nearly born concept artist and digital painter ( I assure you in our country people don't know anything about it ), there are only few who know what a tablet is.


  • Drawing.
  • Designing. Music.
  • All school Fighting games )) - Mostly Concept designing.

Favorite Movies

  • "American history X", "Oldboy", "Shawshanc redemption".

Favorite Music

  • Anouk.
  • Rage against the machines.
  • and all other GOOD music.

Favorite Books

  • Mio moi MIO.
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 Articles by this Author

How to make frees style wallpaper

How to make frees style wallpaper How to make frees style wallpaper.
In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a totally free style wallpaper for today, so we will be sketching a shape with basic brush I guess and then overlay it with bright colors.

Christmas Balls

Christmas Balls Christmas Balls. (PSD file is available for download)
Less than 2 month left till 2010 year. This is a good time to begin making something that will remind us about this great holiday season. We will be creating Christmas decorations and namely Christmas balls, the ones you use to hang on the Christmas trees.

How to design Business Card

How to design Business Card How to design Business Card.
This tutorial will cover something different: I really want to make a part of corporate style meaning the visiting card: let the size and the purpose not fool you - it is a still a very big part of Graphic design and corporate style making.

Great color combinations

great color combinations Great color combinations.
This is a pretty fast tutorial how to make packing or just wallpaper with great color variations.

Cool Background with Design Sketching

cool background Cool Background.
Welcome in making a cool background along with a little bit of logo making practice tutorial. Actually a call them - design sketching because you practice your design skills during such tutorials and I even make several logos or several shape color ideas sometimes. So this is one of my design sketching tutorials. I really don't use that this will be a finished design but it still puts me further and I can develop the idea from this sketch if I want to go further like in production.

Composite All

composite all Composite all.
This is a tutorial where we will combine hand painted elements with design done with Photoshop means.

Tree and Sky - your design adventure

Tree and Sky - your design adventureTree and Sky - your design adventure.
In this tutorial we will make a logo - a style for some imaginary company and try to represent the company through this style. So let's make any king of document and remember when you work with print in Photoshop the document has to have CMYK colors and 300 DPI.

Graphic Design

Graphic DesignGraphic Design.
This tutorial will be about a creating a style - a wallpaper or a graph design - you name it. So as about basic app I will use Photoshop some custom brushes and my old good Wacom G4.
noir wallpaperCombine an illustration with graphic design elements.
Hallo and we will create wallpaper for today. And once again we will combine an illustration with graphic design elements.

Deco digital painting

deco digital paintingDeco digital painting.
In this tutorial we are going to do a deco digital painting - it can easily fit an interior or something like that. So we will begin from applying some colors with a texture brush and then applying some effects and exposing the colors.

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