Jeka !

Gender: Male
Chisinau, Moldova

About Me

I am a nearly born concept artist and digital painter ( I assure you in our country people don't know anything about it ), there are only few who know what a tablet is.


  • Drawing.
  • Designing. Music.
  • All school Fighting games )) - Mostly Concept designing.

Favorite Movies

  • "American history X", "Oldboy", "Shawshanc redemption".

Favorite Music

  • Anouk.
  • Rage against the machines.
  • and all other GOOD music.

Favorite Books

  • Mio moi MIO.
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 Articles by this Author

Graphic design

graphic designGraphic design.
This is a tutorial that will cover some of the techniques I use to create a design for further use in purposes like - web design - graphic design or prop design.

Dark wallpaper

dark wallpaperDark wallpaper.
In this tutorial we are going to do some design (things). We will create wallpaper quite dark as it is now. We will also do some text work to fill our design so this mean we'll go through illustrator as well.

Lost Shades - Jasmine Tea

lost shades - jasmine tea Lost Shades - Jasmine Tea.
In this tutorial we will make a pack design in Adobe Photoshop.

Slightly commercial tutorial

Slightly commercial tutorialSlightly commercial tutorial.
Welcome in a slightly commercial tutorial, where I will show you how I do different banners or billboards or whatever. It's an easy topic for me because I've worked in a company that sells PC's and computer equipment: so this defined the theme of the tutorial actually. This was some time ago so this will be a practice for me too.


environmentPaint an environment.
In this tutorial I will paint an environment. This is not one of the newbie tutorials so it is better for you to have a tablet to this one. So put your tablet in front of you & let's get started.

Shape Vehicle - ships concepts for the game

shape vehicle - ships concepts for the game Shape Vehicle - ships concepts for the game.
Our tutorial for today will be about creating a interesting shape vehicle - ships concepts for the game. This I think is somewhere near the initial stage of the process. So let's get starting.

Stylish minimalistic wallpaper

Stylish minimalistic wallpaper Stylish minimalistic wallpaper.
In this tutorial I will show you how to make stylish minimalistic, but colorful wallpaper in Photoshop. Besides that we will great a text part too - meaning that we will try to combine the text part and the background into 1 single design.

Realistic shot design

Realistic shot design Realistic shot design.
In this tutorial I will show you how I use photographs and Photoshop to create a design for the shot- the part of the story board. I use photos quite rare, but this is a good way to save time and create quite realistic shot design.

Leaving wallpaper - Cartoony look

leaving wallpaper - cartoony look Leaving wallpaper - Cartoony look.
Hello and welcome in making - the leaving wallpaper tutorial. I will basically use my paint skills. I also want to stay in that cartoony look. So let's start the tutorial.

Digital Beeings

digital beeings Digital Beeings.
Welcome in making digital beeings (supposed to be beings) wallpaper. I did this one in about 40 minutes from scratch - no color adjustments were used, and I think it is a good thing because I got the exact colors that I wanted.

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