Jeka !

Gender: Male
Chisinau, Moldova

About Me

I am a nearly born concept artist and digital painter ( I assure you in our country people don't know anything about it ), there are only few who know what a tablet is.


  • Drawing.
  • Designing. Music.
  • All school Fighting games )) - Mostly Concept designing.

Favorite Movies

  • "American history X", "Oldboy", "Shawshanc redemption".

Favorite Music

  • Anouk.
  • Rage against the machines.
  • and all other GOOD music.

Favorite Books

  • Mio moi MIO.
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 Articles by this Author

Odyssey digital life organic tutorial

Odyssey Tutorial Odyssey digital life organic tutorial.
Welcome in making the Odyssey Tutorial. I guess this tutorial is a digital still life one too. Digital still life series - organic curves in combination with high tech industrial design using digital media.

Decorative illustration - domino lamp

Decorative illustration Decorative illustration - domino lamp.
Welcome in making a decorative illustration tutorial. Well actually it's an illustration that represents some of design elements of a product too. I didn't actually figure out the true look and all the design elements of the domino lamp but this illustration will definitely help me do that.

Concept design

Concept design Concept design.
Hello and welcome to the Alchemy tutorial. IN this one we will use new software, it's called Alchemy and it's still in beta stage, but I think it is a great Application to use in Concept design, especially in vehicle or mechanical stuff design. I 'm very exited on this one, because I think Alchemy Developers did a great job and we are waiting for the final release of this amazing application.

Texting surfaces

texting surfaces Texting surfaces.
In this tutorial you will learn some technical stuff about texting surfaces. We will use only Photoshop in this one, but if you decide to take it further, let's say in 3d max or some other application, this will be very helpful.

Brain cells effects

Brain cells effects Brain cells effects.
I welcome you in making brain cells tutorial. In this tutorial we will (actually) create a happy looking interpretation of brain cells. We will use multiple gradient overlaying and a lot of transforming as a technique. So we'll basically create a picture out of multiple shapes. SO let's begin.

Christmas Greetings Postcard

Christmas Greetings Postcard Christmas Greetings Postcard.
In this adobe photoshop tutorial we are going to make a Holiday greetings postcard. We will also explore some of 3D software to build basic geometry 3D shapes. So let's start with this one.

Interesting gradient technique

interesting gradient technique Interesting gradient technique
Today we are going to do a painting tutorial. We will also study and interesting gradient technique that I've figured out. So enough talking let's start painting.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design Industrial Design
Welcome in industrial design or product design idea into life tutorial. So in this tutorial we will take an idea of a product and make it into life using Photoshop.

Photo retouching

Photo retouching tutorial Photo retouching
So hallo again and I welcome you in Photo retouching tutorial. In this one we will take a photo and apply some effects. Moreover we will change levels of the photos and even the look of the objects (this time portraits).

Light Effects

Light Effects Light Effects
Learn some light effects that give the fantasy feel to an image.

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