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Hi there, I'm a 23 year old University student from Copenhagen, Denmark. I was one of those kids that was always told to stop drawing and keep quiet in class. Today i study Digital Design and Communications while working freelance as a graphics designer on various projects. I'm trying to combine my interests for aesthetics and visual communication with the wonderful world of the new age media with a burning passion for interface design.

My site: http://pixelresort.com

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The Power of Blending Options

The Power of Blending Options The Power of Blending Options.
Now, Blending Options are one of the first things Photoshop Novices stumble upon. The infancy of adding layer styles often leads to a short period of horrible drop shadows and cringeworthy bevels. Ironicly, this easily available styling is one of the harder things to master. Blending options is all about manipulating individual layers to obtain a certain effect. It's a key aspect of creating icons, and will help you create textures, shading and highlighting.

The Making of an Icon

The Making of an Icon The Making of an Icon.
I've had a few requests for insights into the process of making icons. Instead of answering individually, I've decided to make this the first subject of a range of articles to be authored here.

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