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    How to design Business Card

    How to design Business Card How to design Business Card.
    This tutorial will cover something different: I really want to make a part of corporate style meaning the visiting card: let the size and the purpose not fool you - it is a still a very big part of Graphic design and corporate style making.

    Tree and Sky - your design adventure

    Tree and Sky - your design adventureTree and Sky - your design adventure.
    In this tutorial we will make a logo - a style for some imaginary company and try to represent the company through this style. So let's make any king of document and remember when you work with print in Photoshop the document has to have CMYK colors and 300 DPI.

    Graphic Design

    Graphic DesignGraphic Design.
    This tutorial will be about a creating a style - a wallpaper or a graph design - you name it. So as about basic app I will use Photoshop some custom brushes and my old good Wacom G4.
    noir wallpaperCombine an illustration with graphic design elements.
    Hallo and we will create wallpaper for today. And once again we will combine an illustration with graphic design elements.

    Dark wallpaper

    dark wallpaperDark wallpaper.
    In this tutorial we are going to do some design (things). We will create wallpaper quite dark as it is now. We will also do some text work to fill our design so this mean we'll go through illustrator as well.

    Slightly commercial tutorial

    Slightly commercial tutorialSlightly commercial tutorial.
    Welcome in a slightly commercial tutorial, where I will show you how I do different banners or billboards or whatever. It's an easy topic for me because I've worked in a company that sells PC's and computer equipment: so this defined the theme of the tutorial actually. This was some time ago so this will be a practice for me too.

    Digital Beeings

    digital beeings Digital Beeings.
    Welcome in making digital beeings (supposed to be beings) wallpaper. I did this one in about 40 minutes from scratch - no color adjustments were used, and I think it is a good thing because I got the exact colors that I wanted.

    Design skills

    Design skills Design skills.
    Welcome to the tutorial where I shall practice my design skills along with making wallpaper using the design language. So basically I will use only PS, but it is very good to use Illustrator or Corel Draw for the text part.

    High tech industrial design

    high tech industrial design High tech industrial design.
    Welcome In Digital still life series tutorial.
    Digital still life series is: organic curves in combination with high tech industrial design using digital media.

    Mini logo stylistic challenge tutorial

    Mini logo stylistic challenge tutorial Mini logo stylistic challenge tutorial.
    Welcome in mini logo stylistic challenge tutorial. In 2 words we will try to create a logo in 2 or 3 different styles: vector like and web 2.0 with all that reflection and shadows. So our imaginary company or whatever will be called "" and we got to make a logo, just like for the real client.
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