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    Oblivion. Part 1

    This lesson I want to share my experience of representing difficult pictures. Usually I use standard brushes, changing sometimes their thickness, softness and transparency. This lesson includes representing in an easy way the human body (or almost human one), a portrait, clothes and accessories.

    How to create pure digital art

    How to creare pure digital art How to create pure digital art.
    Welcome in pure digital art tutorial. For this tutorial we definitely need a tablet - I will create on my Wacom G4, Photoshop - I will skip the line part which I really like to do in Painter. This tutorial will consist of 2 parts: in the first part we'll do a black and white sketch - the main thing here is to create good shapes and value, maybe to drop a little atmosphere; in the second part we'll begin to color and refine details of the sketch.

    Spotted Eagle Ray

    Spotted Eagle Ray Spotted Eagle Ray.
    I was inspired by a photo of beautiful eagle ray, and I wanted to create an artwork that includes the eagle ray underwater, and the sky above him, with stars shining.

    Lost Shades - Jasmine Tea

    lost shades - jasmine tea Lost Shades - Jasmine Tea.
    In this tutorial we will make a pack design in Adobe Photoshop.


    environmentPaint an environment.
    In this tutorial I will paint an environment. This is not one of the newbie tutorials so it is better for you to have a tablet to this one. So put your tablet in front of you & let's get started.

    Leaving wallpaper - Cartoony look

    leaving wallpaper - cartoony look Leaving wallpaper - Cartoony look.
    Hello and welcome in making - the leaving wallpaper tutorial. I will basically use my paint skills. I also want to stay in that cartoony look. So let's start the tutorial.

    Landscape design

    Landscape design Landscape design.
    This is a tutorial where I will paint some landscape along with structures image. For this one I will use my good old, out of production Wacom Graphire 4.


    Girl Girl.
    In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a surreal girl.

    Concept development character

    Concept development character Concept development character.
    This is part 2 of concept development tutorial. As you remember we've started with black and white sketching: the figures and the faces. Our next step will be choosing a character for further production and coloring.

    Character concept design

    Character concept design Character concept design.
    Welcome in how I do my 'character concept design' tutorial. This one is basically for tablet users. It will be very hard to make it with a mere mouse; but I do know such people, who prefer mice to tablets (maniacs).
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