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    Making of Missing Piece

    Making of Missing Piece Making of Missing Piece
    This tutorial is about Missing Piece wallpaper.
    The most important thing you need for good wallpaper is the idea ;-).
    So I came up with pencil sketch, which I then scanned and opened in Photoshop.

    How to draw cartoon character

    how to draw cartoon character Alien picture
    Learn how to create and draw a Character for: maybe, a video game or something like this. I will show you how Photoshop can be used (instead of Painter) to illustrate characters. So our lesson for today is only about Hand painting on Tablet, tablet PCs or interactive displays. I will use Wacom tablet.

    Personal Dog Tags

    Personal Dog Tags Personal Dog Tags
    In this tutorial we will try to create Dog Tags illustration (you know just like Soldiers have). We will use standard PS layer styles techniques and Hand painting techniques if needed, will see.

    Painting business

    Retro Painting Retro Painting
    For this tutorial I'm going to use some of my drawing techniques. They will be explained later on. The painting is dedicated to good old retro style. Well let see what we going to come to.

    Poker Machines

    Aqua Poker Machines
    Our topic for today will be to create an illustration for poker or some kind machine. Why this one - I just don't know ? the first thing that came in to my mind this morning.

    Creating a character

    Creating a character In this tutorial we will teach how to create a futuristic funny character. It explains basic principles of drawing, designing and coloring.

    Frog Wallpaper Effects

    Frog Wallpaper Frog Wallpaper
    This tutorial we will teach how to create Green Frog Wallpaper

    Illumination Art Effects

    Adobe Photoshop illumination effects Adobe Photoshop illumination effects
    This is a method of creating the illumination effects that may increase the picture's brightness and saturation or intensity.

    Adobe Photoshop Metallic Paint

    Adobe Photoshop metallic paint Adobe Photoshop Metallic Paint
    Method of drawing metallic effects in Adobe Photoshop. Nobody found till now the best way of representing the metal surfaces, I suggest you one of the ways.

    Ghotic girl gone wild

    ghotic girl gone wild drawing Ghotic girl
    This lesson we'll have the possibility to learn drawing a girl from the Gothic period, imitate also the lace and use several of the program's filters.
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