Photo Effects

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    Digital Makeover

    digital makeover Digital Makeover.
    Welcome in digital makeover tutorial. In 2 words we are going to create 1 shape using pen tool and try to do something with it on a photo found in internet.

    Matte painting

    Matte painting Matte painting.
    In this tutorial I will show you the essentials o matte painting. Matte paintings are used to create virtual sets and digital back lots. They can be used to create entire sets, or to extend portions of an existing set.

    Light Effects

    Light Effects Light Effects
    Learn some light effects that give the fantasy feel to an image.

    Red Flag Over Reich - Photo Effects

    photo effects Red Flag Over Reich - Photo Effects
    Hello. 9th of May. This is a great day for our country and not only ours. This is a great victory day over the fascism. This is why I've decided to make this tutorial. This is going to be a color fill tutorial, specking in other words we will take a black and white picture and add color to it.

    Photo manipulations - digital art training

    Photo manipulations - digital art training Photo manipulations - digital art training.
    Hello. We have a very interesting subject for today. I am looking forward to make more Photo manipulations, because this is also a part of digital art training. In this tutorial we’ll take a photo and retouch it using a tablet and Photoshop, so let’s do it.

    Summer Photo Manipulation

    Summer Photo Manipulation Summer Photo Manipulation.
    In this tutorial we are going to practice Photo manipulation. We will take a photo, use some filters on it as well as some painting on the top of it. So let’s get to business.

    Commercial Lighting

    Commercial Lighting Commercial Lighting
    This is the tutorial about photo retouching.

    Siberian Winter

    Siberian Winter Wallpaper Siberian Winter Wallpaper
    This is tutorial about how to bring some night and mystery into your bright sunny photo. Here is the photo I took in the forest near my home.

    Bugatti Veyron Photo Effects

    Bugatti Veyron Bugatti Veyron Photo Effects
    This tutorial will be a tough one. We will add digital colors into the photo of Bugatti.

    Photo retouching

    photo retouching Photo retouching
    In this tutorial we are going to practice some amazing Photo effects using Wacom tablet. Of course you will be able to do it with PC mouse. But graphic tablet will save you a lot of time.
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