Photo Retouch


    Photo Retouch Tutorial

    Photo Retouch Tutorial Photo Retouch Tutorial.
    In this tutorial we will create something like glamour photo retouch tutorial. We will use Adobe Photoshop as our tool of choice for retouching a photo and making almost a ready design out of it. You will have some files for support like some brushes and the initial photo itself to practice on. So let's start out talk on making PS photo retouch.

    Photo retouching

    Photo retouching tutorial Photo retouching
    So hallo again and I welcome you in Photo retouching tutorial. In this one we will take a photo and apply some effects. Moreover we will change levels of the photos and even the look of the objects (this time portraits).

    Glamour Model

    glamour model picture retouch in Adobe Photoshop CS Glamour Model
    This lesson we'll see how to retouch a face's photo and make from a simple picture a very original one.

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